Photobooth - 4 Bildes!

Photobooth - 4 pictures are much more than just another photo service offer!

When renting a photobooth - 4 pictures you can be sure of laughter, positive emotions, fun and indelible memories in your event! For memories that guests will receive immediately after shooting as high-quality printouts. 

We live in the digital age, when everything is immortalized in digital formats - memory cards, discs, computers, the Internet - as a result you have to wait a lot to get photos from the event, but if you choose our photobooth - 4 Pictures, guests will leave event with a printed photos and memories.

Photobooth - 4 Bildes!

How does photobooth works:

1. Touch the screen to start. 

   2. Suit up.

      3. Pose to photobooth.

         4. Take your printouts.